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The recommended LiPo batteries on this page have been tested and you won’t be disappointed by the performance and value. Due to the difficulties in shipping LiPo batteries thesedays, price and availability are the most important considerations in my opinion. Getting them locally can usually save you a great deal of money.

There are many other considerations in choosing the best LiPo battery for your racing drone: performance (e.g. real discharge rate and capacity), longevity, weight, size and so on. To learn more about LiPo batteries please check out our guide: LiPo Battery Beginner Guide for Drones and Quadcopters.

All the batteries featured in this article are 4S (4-cell) LiPo packs since this is the most popular voltage we power our 5″ and 6″ mini quad. The most popular capacity range are between 1300mah and 1600mah, smaller pack for racing and larger packs for freestyle flying.

Stick with well-known brands when choosing LiPo to ensure decent quality and performance. Here are a list of battery brands that we have used with good experience.

  • Acehe
  • China Hobby Line (CNHL)
  • Dinogy
  • Infinity
  • Lumenier (GetFPV)
  • RaceDayQuads (RDQ)
  • Rebel Batteries
  • Turnigy Graphene
  • Tattu
  • Thunderpower

A solid performer from my testing, check out my review.

The Tattu R-Line 4S is one of the best performers, and they claim to have a shocking “95C” C-Rating, on which many would seriously doubt it. However these batteries are priced nearly twice as high as the Infinity Graphene. It would probably be an overkill for everyday flying, but great for races.

The Infinity Graphene 70C is an affordable 4S Lipo battery with decent performance, making this a very good deal for practice/training purposes. These are available internationally so if you can’t find any other good batteries locally this would be my pick. Check out the Review.

The best budget battery in the market right now, however it’s slightly heavier and bigger than batteries in its class.

1300mah – $20 – 178g (Buy: RDQ | Amazon)

One of the best performing battery for the price.

1500mAh – $24 – 187g (Buy: RaceDayQuads)

Very good batteries I’ve tested personally. They have better tolerance to low temperature and performed noticeably better than other batteries I have in cold weather. Check out my review. I’d recommend them if you are in the EU.

  • 1500mah – $32 – 190g (Buy: DemonRC)

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