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Going for a fully enclosed 3D printer can have several benefits.

  • Safe to use
  • Wide range of printable materials
  • Better print quality
  • Noise and heat loss reduction

Safe to use

Enclosed printers provide much needed domestic and workplace safety considering nozzles and beds can reach some rather high temperatures. This is especially useful in any situations where children may be nearby, either at home or in educational environments.

Wide range of printable materials

A closed print chamber prevents unwanted airflow to alter your print as it prevents warping and it also keeps the print environment warmer than open structures. This enables you to print specialty filaments like nylon. Different materials have varying rates of cooling and warping, and thus the enclosures help prevent maintain a stable, consistent output closer to that of the intended digital model.

Click here to learn more about warping prevention.

Better print quality

Besides the points mentioned above, a closed 3D printer has a stronger more sturdy frame than a printer with an open structure – this also enhances print quality. Particularly with ABS and larger printed parts, print quality can vary depending on the quality of enclosures.

Noise and heat loss reduction

Printers with an enclosure tend to be far more quiet. This makes them far more viable for office desktop environments. It’s also a bonus that since less heat escapes enclosed printers, they tend to be better to keep around equipment that doesn’t do so well with fluctuating temperatures such as high-power computers.

DIY enclosure solutions

The more enterprising print enthusiasts often build their own DIY enclosures. We’ve covered closed DIY print chambers a while back, so you can click here for further reading.

The Best Fully Enclosed 3D Printers

The following lists of enclosed printers has been divided into multiple categories based on characteristics any potential users might be looking for. These include Budget 3D printers, Classroom-friendly 3D printers and Professional-grade 3D printers.

Category: Budget

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