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One of the companies who appeared on stage at the Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event in NYC was Spotify. As a family Spotify plan subscriber I was excited to see what this partnership might bring and yesterday I updated the Samsung Music app on my Note 9 to test out this integration.

Samsung Music was updated to include Spotify integration. On your compatible Samsung device one of the optional tabs, in addition to artist, playlist, album, etc, is Spotify. When you swipe over to the Spotify tab you will find a number of different playlists to choose from. Tapping on one will open up that playlist within Spotify, taking you out of Samsung Music.


I understand that the playlist selection will adapt over time as your listening preferences are recognized. In addition, when you search for music the results will not only include your own music library, but Spotify content.

Samsung Music was primarily designed as the app for you to use with your own offline music content and with a microSD card inside devices like the Note 9 I load up the card with my 4GB of music. The integration with Spotify is great as it gives me the option to have one interface for music selection and control.

Spotify is also integrated into the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which is one major reason I prefer it over the Apple Watch. This support includes offline syncing of Spotify content so that you can load up music on the watch and play it without an active phone connection while running or working out.

here’s the Samsung Note 9

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