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Everyone in my family, except for me, uses a PopSocket on their phone case in order to get a better grip on their phones and prop them up for watching media content. PopSockets do not work for me, but I may have found a new solution that offers the same functionality with less compromise.

Speck recently released its new GrabTab product and the company sent along a few samples to check out. The GrabTab helps you hold onto your phone, props it up for media, and slides down flat so I can slip my phones right into my pocket. It also still lets me use wireless charging, which is a convenience I am not prepared to give up at this time.

The Speck GrabTab costs just $9.95 and comes in Black/Black, Milky Way Black Glossy/Black, Caicos Teal/Jet Ski Teal, Geranium Pink/Beetroot Pink, Paperclip Grey/Stormy Grey, Heartrate Red/White/Ballpoint Blue, and DonutWorry Pink Glossy/Heliotrope Purple. I tried out the black, grey, milky way, and red/white/blue colors with various phones and cases.

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