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A lot of LiPo chargers like the Q6 cannot reach their maximum output power and current when you’re running it at a voltage that is too low! Perhaps 15V? Or even 12V? To get the most out of your Q6 charger, you need a 24V power supply.

Since the output is 24V, you can also use it to power your TS100 soldering iron 🙂 It makes a great bench power supply 🙂

Banggood: http://bit.ly/400W-24V-PSU (The first 50 orders get 11% off)


  • Input Voltage Range: AC 110-220V
  • Output Voltage 24V
  • Current: 16.6A
  • Power: 400W
  • Size: 222×70×38.8mm
  • Weight: 670g

The Lantian 24V 400W PSU comes with a power lead with USA electrical plug, but you can easily get around with an adapter if you use different receptacles.

Both input and output are screw terminals.

Here is how to connect the input cable to the power supply module. It looks a bit confusing to those who aren’t familiar with electrical stuff I have to say, luckily my unit came connected so I didn’t have to mess with the live, neutral and earth wires. It can be dangerous if you get this wrong.

Not sure why they don’t just use standard IEC 60320 connectors which are commonly used in computers and servers PSU.

And here is the output terminal, connected to a XT60 pigtail with female connector. It has two sets of outputs so you can hook up to two different devices at the same time.

The whole enclosure is made of metal with heatsink on both sides. There is a built-in fan located near the output. I had to stick some “rubbery feet” at the bottom, because it slides on slippery surface.

The voltage output of this 400W Power Supply turned out to beslightly higher than advertised, at 24.6V. Not a problem for the iSDT Q6 chargers though.

This is my iSDT SC620 charger – the Q6’s bigger brother.

I haven’t tried running it at its maximum 400W, because my parallel charging board only takes 4 LiPo’s. But running it at 270W for over 20 mins, it still stays stone-cold! Not even warm.

The only complain I have is how loud the fan is! Noise level measured at 66dB, it’s like having a vacuum cleaner going in the next room. The fan speed seems to be constant and doesn’t change. I wish the fan is quieter or smart enough to change speed with temperature.

It’s possible to build your own charger power supply from server or PC PSU. We have a few posts in the past to explain how.

But I really don’t see why you need to DIY, since the Lantian 400W 24V PSU is quite cheap, and it works right out of the box. It’s pretty good if you don’t mind the noisy fan 🙂

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