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Wine-Bottle-Storage-Rack in refrigerator

Wine-Bottle-Storage-Rack cross section
Wine-Bottle-Storage-Rack shown in fridge
Wine-Bottle-Storage-Rack on ceiling of refrigerator
Wine-Bottle-Storage-Rack in refrigerator

The Refrigerator Wine Bottle Storage Rack saves refrigerator space!


Keep your wind cold and tucked away safely with the refrigerator wine bottle storage rack. This ingenious storage solution makes the most of your refrigerator space by utilizing the roof of the refrigerator to store you wine bottles.  Simply attach the rail to the roof of the fridge using the suction cups and slide the bottle ring onto the rail until it clicks into place.  Once it clicks, insert your wine bottles into the rack to keep your wine cold and safely in one position with rolling or falling over.  The rack can hold up to a 10-pound bottles and aside from saving valuable refrigerator space, the storage rack also keeps your wine in a horizontal position which preserves the quality of your wine.  If you are not a wine connoisseur then the storage rack can be used to store water bottles, juice bottles, soda bottles or your favorite spirits.

Cost? $19.95

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