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France-based Prodways Technologies used the RAPID + TCT Conference as an opportunity to show off their new ProMaker P1000 X SLS 3D printer and two new materials. The P1000 X improves upon the performance of the P1000, which was already designed for industrial use. One of the new materials is for their SLS line of 3D printers and the other is a resin for their DLP dental 3D printers.

With a build volume that’s 18% larger at 32 liters and a production speed that’s twice as fast as its predecessor at two liters per hour, the P1000 X is equipped to fabricate manufacturing jigs, brackets, and end-use components. Another upgrade is the 24-point-grid thermal field control system and a ten-zone IR heating system that improve part precision and mechanical properties. Their slicer was also optimized to generate smoother and more detailed surfaces.

The P1000 X will be able to use seven Prodways materials, including PA12, flexible TPU 70-A, three different types of PA11 (medical-grade, engineering-grade, and glass-filled), the new PolyPropylene PP 1200 for snap-fits and living hinges, and Stark 3200, a high-performance material that will be released soon. With a Process Developer License, researchers can also adjust the machine’s open parameters to work with experimental materials.

The second new material is the PLASTCure Denture resin for their ProMaker LD10 and LD20 dental 3D printers, enabling dental labs to more quickly produce denture bases and tooth models. Up to 30 denture bases can be printed in five hours using the new material.

With these product launches, Prodways continues to serve small and medium-sized businesses that want to modernize their fabrication and production processes.

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