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Monoprice and Creality are experts at producing devices with the right balance of features and quality while remaining economical. The companies have a very extensive range of additive manufacturing devices for various applications and prices. They are no strangers to the industry, which is why it’s interesting to compare two of their most notable machines: the Monoprice Maker Ultimate and the Creality3D CR-2020.

Both the Monoprice Maker Ultimate and the Creality3D CR-2020 are low to mid price-range devices. They have a similar exterior, being box-shaped and without an enclosure. They also feature heated build plates and very similar print volumes, although the CR-2020 edges out a little bit in the height dimension. The printers are solid devices with pretty great resolution overall, especially considering the price tag.

That’s why we want to find out how these printers stack up against each other

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