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Are you feeling too lazy to walk and pick up your downed quadcopter? Try Turtle mode! (aka “Flip Over After Crash”) With a flip of a switch it turns over your quad so you can take off again.

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Turtle mode works well on floors and concrete grounds, not so well if you crash in high grass or bushes if the props are obstructed. Don’t overuse or force it in these environments, you can burn out your motors or ESC’s.

This is an awesome feature to have on brushless tiny whoop if you mostly fly indoor. Not brushed whoops though, because DShot isn’t supported by brushed motors.

In order to use the turtle mode, you need:

  1. Betaflight 3.2 or newer versions on your flight controller
  2. The ESC need to be DShot compatible (All BLHeli_32 ESC’s should be fine). If you are using BLHeli_S, you need to flash them to version 16.67 or newer
  3. Betaflight configurator needs to be upgraded to 3.2.1 or newer version

Select DShot protocol according to your ESC compatibility (DShot150, 300, 600 and 1200, all work).

And then set “Flip Over After Crash” to a switch on your TX in the Modes tab in Betaflight Configurator.

It’s not called “Turtle mode” anymore in Betaflight because it was renamed to “Flip Over After Crash” later after release. But most people still refer to it as Turtle mode.

Please note that if DShot protocol isn’t selected, the option won’t appear in the “Modes” section.

Finally, in CLI, enter “set small_angle = 180”, “save” and press Enter. Alternatively you can simply disable ACC (Acceleronmeter). These are to allow for arming the quad when it’s upside down.

  • When the quad crashes and turned upside down, unarm it first
  • Switch on Turtle mode, arm and raise throttle, the tilting and rolling can be controlled
  • Once you have managed to turn it over, unarm asap and turn off turtle mode
  • Arm the quad again to take off

You might want to practice on an even and clear surface.

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