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One great thing about the Skyzone SKY03 FPV goggles is that you can update the firmware easily for bug fixes and new features. In this post I will show you how to flash firmware on the SKY03 goggle.

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Download the latest firmware for the SKY03 here: http://www.skyzonehobbies.com/download.html

Connect the goggles to your computer via the USB port (located on the bottom of the goggles), and plug in the battery but DON’T power it on yet.

There is a button hidden inside the head strap hook on the left side of the goggles. You have to hold down this button with a screw driver, then press the power button to turn the goggles on. You can now release the “hidden button”.

Your computer should now automatically install the driver for the goggles, when it’s done you will find a removable storage appearing on your computer.

Copy these firmware files to the newly added disk (Not the SD card):

  • SKY03_V*_STM32_ENC_********.bin
  • SKY03_V*_TWENC_********.bin

Note: * is the date/version of the firmware.

The firmware update should only take a few seconds, when it’s done, restart the goggles.

The DVR firmware needs to be updated separately.

  1. Take a TF card (micro SD card), and format the card to FAT32
  2. Download the DVR firmware from the link at the beginning of this tutorial, the file you need is “FIRMWARE_F”
  3. Copy the file to the SD card, insert it in the goggles and turn it on
  4. Go to the system menu and choose DVR FM upgrade

It will take 1-2 minutes to update the DVR, don’t turn the goggles off during the update.

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