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JetPack Aviation JB10
Drew Prindle/Digital Trends

Unless you sell a startup to Google or turn to a life of surprisingly well-paid crime, chances are that you won’t be able to afford a jetpack of your very own any time soon. But if you’re dreaming of reenacting JetPack Aviation founder David Mayman’s various gravity-defying daredevil feats on a budget, you’ve finally got your chance.

That’s because Jetpack Aviation is now offering one heck of a day out with Mayman as he puts fellow jetpack enthusiasts through a one-on-one training session. During your time together, you’ll get to grips with takeoffs, landings, hovering, and multidirectional flight. Or, at least, as much as you can hope to get to grips with them in around 20 minutes’ of total flight time.

“Experience the ultimate aviation thrill,” the company’s website reads. “Fly the world’s only jetpack! More people have walked on the moon than flown a jetpack.” Total cost for the experience? A not-exactly paltry $4,950, although that price is still a whole lot cheaper than the cost of actually buying a jetpack for yourself.

Jetpack Aviation’s JB-10 jetpack is more than just a “booster in a backpack.” Along with a pair of jet turbines, it boasts assorted sensors capable of measuring its orientation hundreds of times every second and sending a stream of constant data to the control system, all while vectoring the thrusters to keep the pilot stable.

The flight sessions take place at a purpose-built facility close to Los Angeles “surrounded by lemon groves,” with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll be flying with Mayman, the world’s only authorized jetpack instructor, using the same model JB-10 jetpack that he memorably flew around the Statue of Liberty in 2015. While the jetpack is reportedly capable of flying up to 18,000 feet in altitude, for the purposes of the session you’ll be flying at around 20 feet, with a safety tether system attached. All equipment is provided by the company, and you’ll even get to keep your personalized flight suit as a memento of the day.

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