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Shenzhen-based Creality 3D Technology Co. Ltd emerged in April 2014 as a high-tech enterprise specializing in the OEM/ODM & sales of 3D printers. It presented two series of DIY and fully assembled machines for a range of various users. Among the companies most popular brands has been the Ender series, offering very economical 3D printing DIY solutions to enthusiasts everywhere.

The Ender series meets CE and FCC international quality and environmental certifications along with having procured a dedicated online community and much acclaim. Despite being part of the same series, the Ender 3 and 4 have quite a lot of differences.

While they have a similar build volume, the Ender 4 edges it’s predecessor out in height by just a bit. The Ender 4 has a 4 corner open body, whereas the Ender 3 has a simpler, traditional open body. Both printers, however, share the series’ trademark balance of quality, user-friendliness and economical design.

We’re going to see how the latest additions to the series stack up against each other

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