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Copper3D has just penned a deal with 3D Universe for re-selling their antibacterial filaments in North America. The agreement allows 3D Universe to sell Copper 3D’s patented NANOCLEAN and PLACTIVE filaments on their website. The company’s antibacterial 3D printing filaments are crucial for many applications, particularly in the production of biotech and medical devices.

Antibacterial filaments and materials are pivotal as they keep out pathogens and bacteria in many crucial products. This can be anything from plasters and bandages to non-contaminant containers and even crucial prosthetics. Considering the growth of 3D printing within the realms of medicine and biotechnology, it’s no surprise that we’re also seeing specialised anti-bacterial filaments for these applications. According to Copper3D, over 40% of amputees suffer from some various dermic disorders due to their prostheses. They similarly observed this phenomenon in non-amputee patients who use orthoses.

We are very pleased to have a partnership agreement with Copper3D, which is leading ‘The Antibacterial 3D Printing Revolution’. 3D Universe has long been a supporter of the e-NABLE volunteer community, making free 3D printed prosthetic devices for people around the world,” 3D Universe said in a statement. “With the new materials from Copper3D, we will be able to offer the e-NABLE community an exciting new option for producing high-quality assistive devices.”

Filaments With Antibacterial Copper Nanoparticles

We’ve previously covered Copper3D’s involvement with printing objects on-board the ISS. Particularly in medicine, the materials one uses to print can be a matter of life and death. In these cases, antibacterial filaments protect against dermatitis, folliculitis, fungal or bacterial infections. According to some studies, about 50% of all hospital acquired infections worldwide are due to the bacterial contamination of medical devices that are difficult to maintain, clean and sterilize.

Copper3D creates the filaments by “hacking” 3D printing materials, adding their own patented copper nanoparticles along with other enhancers and carrier elements. PLACTIVE, for example, is a high-quality PLA polymer with properties useful for the elimination of a wide range of microorganisms. Copper3D also developed their medical grade material NANOCLEAN, a PETG polymer offering an additive concentration of 1 and 2%.

While PLACTIVE is for more general purposes (even being used on-board space missions) NANOCLEAN is for specific purposes in the world of medical devices. Copper3D will also launch a flexible TPU material called MDflex, offering the same antibacterial properties.

Featured image courtesy of Copper3D.

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